Mine, Mine, Mine…

9 Jan

One of my very favorite movies is Finding Nemo. One scene in the movie that I really enjoy is when Dory and Marlin jump into the mouth of the friendly pelican and are chased by the seagulls. These seagulls are so driven by their desires that they fly straight into a sail. I imagine those seagulls were stuck in that sail for quite some time. Who knows if they ever escaped?

I am willing to bet that sometimes I have also been so driven by my own desire to spend that I push forward and don’t see the obstacles coming my way. And I’ve flown into quite a few sails of my own. And all I can do is run my mouth. And I’m still thinking about what I was chasing after. I bet those seagulls were frustrated with their situation! I certainly get frustrated with the situations I’ve created in the past based on my inability to say no to my desires and my inability to remain disciplined.

The key to my last statement is that I created the situations. If I can create the situations, I can create a way out of them. I am on my way. I have a great budget. I have a wonderful financial accountability partner (FAP) who lovingly challenges me to rethink the way I spend my money and save my money. I believe firmly in the accountability partnership, and she’s willing to challenge me, even if I protest too much.

Recently, she challenged me to rethink the way I handle my “blow” money. She asked me to think about spending less than I do now. I told her emphatically that the “blow” money is MY money. Darn seagull mentality again! She told me that it’s all my money. That may be true, but my blow money is the only spending money I allow myself. I’m still not sure I want to give that up, but I am prayerfully considering reducing my spending money. According to Dave Ramsey, I should be on a beans and rice diet. I should be able to do that for a little while, right? I am half-Korean, after all, and I love my rice!

Another challenge my FAP has for me is how I manage my “envelopes.” I don’t use envelopes for everything, but I do have a modified envelope system. Each paycheck I deduct money out of my check register for various expenses I might have. Some of that money I withdraw and some of the money I leave in my checking account. If I have any money left over, I usually put that money in my pocket and spend it on something. Mine, mine, mine…

What I should do is save that money. Eventually, I may be able to take that money and spend it. But right now, I’m trying to get out of the mess that I made, and to do that I need to be more disciplined in how I save. Saving has always been a thorn in my financial side. I HAVE to change the way I think about saving money. The best way to do that is to make saving more of a priority in my life. How have you made saving a priority in your life?

So, I will keep you guys posted on how I handle my blow money. And I will let you know how it goes with my envelopes. My main focus right now is to move the leftover money into my savings account. The blow money – well, I’m still not sure I’m going to let that one go. After all, it is mine, mine, mine…


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