What You See is what You Get

7 Apr


We’ve all heard this phrase many times.  Most of the time, we hear this in regards to a person who is transparent.  What you see with that person is what you get.  I won’t go into a diatribe about how that’s probably not true ever because people are deeper than we ever give them credit for.  I will, however, take a look at this statement from a different angle.

Have you ever noticed that your perception of yourself, another person, or a situation can determine how you react to the situation?  Sometimes an innocent or harmful statement made by someone can actually be interpreted differently by the person who hears it.  It’s the age old battle of sender/receiver.  Men joke that women often take a compliment offered by their mate and turn it into an insult.  “You look nice today, dear” can quickly turn into “Are you saying I don’t look nice every day?”  How much fun are those conversations, guys?  

The philosopher John Locke said that words have no power until we assign them the power.  I believe that firmly.  And I believe that the power of the words spend and save have to change if I am ever going to have Financial Peace.  When I am out ready to make a purchase, what power controls me? Is it my desire to be debt free? Or is it my desire to have what I want without waiting?  The answer is most likely, “YES!!!”  Sometimes I choose to answer the debt free question, and sometimes I choose to want without waiting.  Last year, I would have simply “wanted” without worrying about my debt.  I’m growing every day in the way I spend and save.  I still feel like a newborn horse stumbling around and trying to get my feet underneath me.  But I will be galloping before I know it, readers!  I look forward to sharing those gallops with each of you.

I am enrolled in Financial Peace University right now, and Dave Ramsey talked about the power of the emergency fund.  He says that when the emergency fund is in place, emergencies just don’t seem to happen.  Perhaps that is true, or maybe emergencies just have a different appearance when an emergency fund is in place.  I can’t really speak on this because I don’t have the 3-6 month emergency fund Dave recommends – yet.  I think there’s a chance that what you see in an emergency is indeed what you get.  As an example, before I had my small emergency fund set aside, a major car repair would have been a major setback.  Now, I have some peace knowing that if a minor emergency came up I would be okay. 

I’m walking this journey to be debt free, and I’m changing the lexicon of my life.  I will continue to redefine spending and saving for myself until they actually match up to the definition of someone who has financial success.  So…how do you define spending? Saving?


One Response to “What You See is what You Get”

  1. Courtney April 14, 2013 at 17:40 #

    I am a natural saver. It’s been hard for me to make purchases without feeling guilty later. “Was this purchase really necessary?” “Do I REALLY need ANOTHER pair of shoes?” So, spending to me is being able to buy something nice for myself and enjoy it. No buyers remorse. No second thoughts.

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