End of Watch

7 Jun

20130607-170408.jpgI watched a movie recently called End of Watch. I won’t go into huge details of the movie because you can look up the reviews yourself. The movie is about two cops who are partners and always watch out for each other.

Spoiler alert: the end of watch comes when one of the partners dies in a shooting. And that is the point of this blog.

I shared with you before about my FAP. She’s been incredibly helpful to me over these last six months or so. But the End of Watch came recently. I’m still struggling some with my spending behavior, and she decided that it might be best for me to find someone else to help me. My behavior didn’t change quite as much as it should have. The FAP relationship caused some problems in our friendship, so we both agreed on the End of Watch of my finances.

Lately, I have missed the mark on my envelopes. I’ve spent outside of them. I got an early haircut, and it was outside my envelope. I got a mani/pedi that was way more costly than the money I withdrew from my savings account. I have lost a valuable accountability relationship. I believe firmly in the power of accountability. Yet sometimes I think I take advantage of the grace aspect. How wrong that is! “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?” (Romans 6:1, 2 NKJV)

Paul understood how easy it can be for us to take advantage of grace. I feel like I took advantage of God’s grace and the grace of my FAP. I’ve found a new FAP, and I’m looking forward to the new journey. I’m sad, though, that my FAP won’t get to celebrate with me. I was looking forward to celebrating paying my car off. I wanted to go do my Debt Free scream with her. Now, I can’t do any of that.

I wish this post were a little more fun and friendly. But, I need to express the importance of a healthy accountability partnership. Both sides have to be invested. If one party can’t invest, the other party will just be wasting his/her time. Find someone you can trust. An AP should have the heart of a teacher and be willing to tell you NO. And there should be a level of understanding of the other side. The person being held accountable has to show that he/she is working the plan and trying to change.

I’m in transition and am a little concerned how things will go. Will I be able to do this myself? Will I be able to handle my next accountability partnership better? Will I ever gain control of my finances?

So, how do you maintain and find healthy accountability relationships?


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