An Update with Very Little “Up” in It

14 Oct

Hello, everyone!  It seems like it’s been a while since my last post.  I haven’t really been “busy,” maybe just distracted.  I’m here for my next report/update.

The government shutdown affects many people, and I am one of them.  It adds a layer of uncertainty that many government employees with time in the workforce have not felt before.  There appears to be no end in sight, although my guess is the shutdown will end on 17 October.  While many of the work force has been called back to work,

I read an article today that says that if the shutdown continues, a certain facet of the workforce could be furloughed again (for the third time this calendar year).  I am part of that facet.  I should be minding my P’s and Q’s and setting aside all additional money in an emergency fund.

Instead, I decided to buy myself a plane ticket to see some friends.  I haven’t seen these friends in nearly three years, so it will be a great visit.  AND, it was a pretty sweet deal on the price of the ticket! So, I went for it.  Probably not my smartest move.  Here’s hoping the shutdown ends soon! I’m making a joke about this because I am not happy with the fact that I purchased these tickets knowing I should have waited until the shutdown is over. Note to self and others: Don’t make large purchases until your accountability partner(s) give you the all clear. I talked to my FAP about purchasing the tickets, but I was not supposed to buy them until the shutdown ended. Silly girl.

Outside of that, I am STILL struggling with my envelopes. There have been times when I haven’t pulled the money out.  There have been times when I pulled the money out but didn’t actually put them in the envelopes.  I am honestly not sure why I can’t seem to get back in the saddle.  I don’t like it, though.  I’ve got to get my motivation back.

One other thing I haven’t been using is my spending log.  I did great for the first six months of the year. I seem to have lost my focus overall on my financial goals.  I have some ideas on what’s going on, and I think the best way to get back on focus is to really pray and ask the Lord to help me.  Jesus spent a lot of time here talking to us about how we manage our finances.  Of course He wants to help me conquer this issue! Plus, He does love me and wants me to have the desires of my heart, including financial peace (and a man).

Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m left wondering what I should do for gifts this year.  Last year, I gave hand written notes as gifts.  I don’t think I will do that again this year.  I’d like to make gifts, but I’m not sure what to make.  I think I will buy gifts this year, but I am going to set a limit on the dollar value.  I am also only going to buy gifts for family.  My friends will receive a hug.  Most of them know my struggles and my desire to get my finances in order.  I have some wonderful friends.  I am sure they will understand.

I am scheduled for a 10k in November.  I am doing my best to get out there and run, but it has been so difficult.  I hope to get back to good running shape very soon. Or I may not be able to run the entire race.  I will update you on my race progress next month!

So, that’s all I have for now. I hope to have something fun or interesting to report next week. Until then, I will be working on using my envelopes appropriately!

How can I get back on the saddle with my envelopes (or any motivation)??? What do you plan to do for Christmas this year?


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