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Jealous of Wealth

16 Jan

I listened to a Dave Ramsey podcast from January 10, 2013 about wealth and the perception of wealth. It got me thinking about how I used to feel about wealthy people or people who had a better understanding of how to manage their money than I did or ever felt like I would.

I remember a time when I was so consumed with my failures in my finances that I couldn’t stand to be around people who had financial success. I was so ashamed of my failures and so unsure of my ability to overcome my struggles with money that I seethed with envy around people that knew how to handle their money. I spewed anger towards these people and took everything they said to me as judgment.

My reaction to these people was not only unfair to them but unfair to myself. I failed in many relationships because I was bound in the shame of my failures. Many times these people probably didn’t even think about me and my money. But I felt like they were judging me. And it consumed my thoughts. I was so unhappy with myself, and I didn’t think I would ever be able to overcome my financial struggles.

I have gone to a couple of people whom I treated unfairly and apologized to them. When I realized what had happened, I felt that I needed to repent to these people. I did, and I am glad that I did! Here I sit today, hungry for a change in the way I think about money.

This was a difficult post for me to write. I now admit that my failures with my finances have led to failures in my friendships and relationships. But I shared this part of my heart because I am now more open for change. Now, I have friendships with people who have financial success, and I’ve even invited one friend to challenge me financially. I know now that I need the help! And I’m ready to accept it.

Now, I believe that I can overcome my financial struggles. God is so patient and graceful, and He has never overwhelmed me. I’m ready to go wherever He wants to take me, and I’m convinced He’s ready to take me to Financial Peace!

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