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An Upbeat Song

8 Jan

Time Mag

I’m part of a Jon Acuff group called 30 Days of Hustle.  In this group, we receive assignments to help us accomplish our goals.  My goal for 2014 is to become more positive in my thought life and my approach to life.  Our assignment today was to write a Time magazine article about our life after we accomplished our goal.  This is my entry. I hope you enjoy!

An Upbeat Song

With her infectious smile and hearty laugh, Song sits down with me at her favorite coffee shop.  We talk freely for a few moments, and it only takes that long for me to realize this is a woman who loves life. She wears her smile like a uniform.  I ask her how she stays so upbeat.  Her answer surprised me.

“Practice.  It took me practice to be the bright, cheery person you see before you. At one time, I was utterly depressed, and as Mindy Kaling once wrote, tedious.  I was on anti-depressants and saw a counselor regularly. I was almost to the point of suicidal. I was completely unhappy with myself and the state of my life.  In 2014, I decided for my New Year’s resolution that I would try to become more positive. I posted notes everywhere, reminding myself to think positive. I began to read comedic authors to provide some light-hearted moments.  And most importantly, I focused my journal entries on positivity.  My journaling focused on the three T’s: Thanksgiving, Truth, and Traits. Each day, I wrote five things I was thankful for, three biblical truths about what God says about me, and five positive traits that I have. By the end of 2014, I felt totally different about life and myself.  It trained my brain!  I still practice this regularly, although not every day.  I keep polishing away at what the year 2014 did for me.  Heck, I was actually able to stop taking the anti-depressants.  Hallelujah!

The first fortune cookie I opened in 2014 spoke to me, and I would like to share that with you. “If the world seems cold, kindle a fire to warm it.”  My world seemed cold, and I needed to warm that fire.  The 2014 journal experiment did just that. My heart and mind were warmed to just what a wonderful blessing this life is! Now, I’m on fire!


Encouraging the Future

28 Jul

This week’s post is part of the Jon Acuff Start Experiment. We receive homework every day, and today’s assignment was to write our Time magazine article. This is mine!

20130728-151233.jpgWe met in a tiny coffee shop in Florence, AL. There was nothing significant about it, except that every customer was treated with the same warmth. Song walked in wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a comfortable fitted tee. She stepped up to the counter and ordered a decaf coffee black. I expected an easy interview because I could tell she wasn’t going to hold anything back. What you see with her is what you get.

“I have always sort of told it how it is when it comes to my struggles,” she said. “It may not be the best approach because that type of honesty can intimidate people. I’ve learned how to curb that some, but I refuse to curb it anymore. I want to surround myself with people who appreciate honesty and want to be real. I don’t have to share everything with everyone I meet. But the circle of friends I surround myself with welcome my honesty. They believe in me and encourage me. That means a lot to me because I enjoy encouraging others. I told myself once that if I could find a job where I could get paid just to encourage people, that would be my dream job.

“The funny thing was, I was already doing something I enjoyed. I didn’t want to give up that job. I decided, instead, to encourage others because it’s who I am and what I love. I made a vow to just be the best cheerleader I could for everyone that crossed my path. After reading David Dunn’s Try Giving Yourself Away, I knew that it would only bless my life and the life of others. Sure, sometimes people are put off by my words, but I would rather say something kind and thoughtful than to regret saying nothing.

“I hope that my legacy lives on. I hope that others will continue to adopt this mindset. A nation and world full of encouragers can’t be a bad thing. We certainly see what a nation of cynics and Eeyore’s can do. I used to be the best Eeyore of them all. Now, I’m a Tigger.”

I thanked Song for her time, and she left me with one final thought, “You’re future is dependent on your belief in yourself. I’m here to help you believe in yourself if you need it. Enjoy the future. I hope to read about it soon!”

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