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Four Reasons Why a HABA Line Should be a Part of a Budget

13 Feb

eye makeupHere is the second part of the series about important lines on a budget. If you would like to see the first segment of the series, you can see it here.

I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup and beauty supplies. Makeup lasts me longer than it should, as all makeup has some sort of expiration to it. But, I still need beauty supplies. It’s been a line on my budget from the beginning. I’m going to give you four reasons why I think beauty supplies (or HABA) should be in a budget.

1. It’s necessary.

For my HABA line, I include soap, hairspray, deodorant, razors, and yes, makeup. I will always need those items. The people who work with me are thankful that I purchase and use these items. These are not items I can do without.

2. It allows me to buy the items I want to.

Some items I don’t mind using generic. Hairspray and deodorant are two items I go a little cheap on. I have been trying cheaper razors. Not a fan, so I’m going to make sure my HABA budget allows for more expensive razors. And a detailed HABA line allows me to buy the makeup I want, too. I actually use more expensive makeup. As long as I plan for it, my budget stays intact.

3. It keeps me so fresh, so clean.

I’m dating myself there. I still love that OutKast song. I like to keep my hair cut. It helps me feel cute and keeps me professional. I have a wonderful stylist who keeps me looking great at a decent price. Ensuring I stay committed to my HABA line helps ensure I have money to get my hair cut! I love the way a new haircut makes me feel.

4. I can allow myself some extra girl time.

I’ve never been a huge mani-pedi girl. Or someone who wanted to wax her eyebrows. As a matter of fact, I only recently (within the last three years) had my first mani-pedi and wax. It sure is nice, though. I feel great after I get my nails done. An accurate HABA line lets me have some fun!

I say accurate because I haven’t totally committed myself to the fourth point of this blog. I know I need to leave my HABA envelope alone instead of spending the leftovers every two weeks.

So, I really believe a HABA line is important for my budget. What lines on your budget do you think are important that might be “unusual”?


Another Update

26 Aug


Another Update

I almost hate to write this. I keep telling all six of my readers how I’ve messed up and spent when I shouldn’t have. I keep talking about my envelopes being out of sync.

I haven’t improved since my last update. I feel like I’ve almost regressed. Continue reading

Disposable Income

18 May

20130518-064453.jpgI’ve spent the better part of my life believing that I’m disposable. I moved around a lot as a kid and learned that friendships are disposable.

My parents divorced when I was very young, and I stayed with my father. I rarely spoke to my mother until I was well into adulthood. I was a disposable daughter.

I spent about four years apart from my family, including my father, because of some disagreements. I was a disposable daughter, again.

It’s no wonder I’ve never cared about saving money. All of my income was disposable income. I was comfortable living paycheck to paycheck because I didn’t see past my own nose.

I’m so thankful that even if I feel disposable, my Savior doesn’t view me that way. He knew me while I was a sinner, and He died for me (Romans 5:8). Not only that, but He is with me wherever I go (Joshua 1:9).

I’m still learning to see past my own nose. I’m learning to see past each of my checks. And I’m still learning that I’m not disposable. I’m thankful for the people in my life who haven’t disposed of me yet. I’m very fortunate for those people. I’m also thankful for the redemption of my relationship with my family. They’re constantly there for me, and I count myself lucky to call them family!

With all that being said, I shouldn’t have ANY disposable income. All of my extra income should go toward my debt. I still like to spend money – immensely. I may always lean toward being a spender. I am learning to make my money work for me instead of working for my money. But…I still have a long way to go!

What does disposable income mean to you? What do you like to do with your disposable income?

A Final Tally

20 Feb

ImageWell, income tax has come and gone.  Overall, I am pleased with how I handled things, but I sure did fall back into my old habits.  I handled most of my money pretty well, but there was some spending that occurred that shouldn’t have. Each dollar should have had a purpose, and I allowed some of my dollars to just be spent. 

I won’t go into specific details about how much I spent that I shouldn’t have.  I did make a final tally for myself, which is something I’ve never done before. I also reminded myself what I could have done with that money, which is a reminder I desperately need! I think it would have been okay for me to spend some of the money for fun, although my Financial Accountability Partner (FAP) had a different idea.  If I wanted to have spending money, I should have designated a set amount, instead of spending whatever I wanted.  I knew how much I needed to set aside for this expense or for that need.  I have done a better job of sticking to my budget, but I made the mistake of not budgeting every dollar of my income tax.  My FAP asked me when I was going to get back on the wagon.  I told her I was forced to get back on the wagon because my discretionary money has been spent.  I think we’re both relieved!

I’m still amazed at what God does – even if we fall short.  I have been in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes and knew I didn’t want to spend my income tax on it.  I was talking with a friend of mine who offered to help me buy some new shoes.  It was a totally unsolicited offer, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I can’t wait to run in them!

I did run a 5k last Monday.  I ran it in 30:19, which is 3:00 faster than my first 5k.  My goal after my first 5k was to get below 30:00.  I’m much closer than I expected, especially considering I didn’t train like I wanted to.  I have a couple of 5k races scheduled this year and plan to run in a 10k this summer.  I will keep you posted on my results on the 5k races, and I will also update you on my training for the 10k.  I plan on adding a “racing fee” line on my budget.  Woohoo!

I also received an offer to attend Financial Peace University.  Some awesome people I know offered to sponsor me!  I’m excited to learn more about how to handle my finances.  I think it will be very beneficial to me as I continue to climb this mountain.  I’ve been at the bottom of the mountain for a long time.  I want to get to the peak!  I start my classes on March 4.  I am sure I will have some blog fodder from the classes.  

My main problem with my finances is my spending mindset.  I’ve shared this fact with you before, and it is still a struggle for me.  No class will help with this problem.  What will help is prayer, and a continued effort to shift my focus.  I make my bed to remind myself every morning how important it is to spend correctly.  I listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts to shift the way I think about money, and now I am ready for Financial Peace University!  I will continue to work on this area of my life, until I get it right, and then I will work on it some more!

So, I didn’t handle things perfectly these last two weeks.  But I did improve on bad habits.  I should have some good news coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I am sure I will have plenty to report from Financial Peace University.  Here’s to a new two weeks!

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