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Big News, Everyone

24 Mar

20130324-051906.jpgI hope my readers who have watched Futurama enjoy the reference to the old man! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, there’s still big news to share!

My FAP has been offered a job that she’s been waiting for for a LONG time! She’s baited many hooks and had many nibbles, but she finally got one to bite! I am so happy for her. No one deserves this more than she does. She will go far in whatever she does for her new employer, and they are lucky to have her. Oh, the places she’ll go! 20130324-051723.jpg

I will have an opportunity to see if I’ve grown in the way that I think about money. It’s been great having my FAP around daily. It’s almost like Linus with his security blanket. With the new job, I will have to take all the work and training we’ve done together and apply it daily. She and I are still going to discuss my spending and my finances, but my access to her won’t be quite so close. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see how I’ve grown.

My FAP actually works in my office for our budget department. In FPU last week, Dave Ramsey said that people who understand how to manage their money end up managing other people’s money. Well, that’s what my FAP does at work, and she does a great job. Our office will miss her work ethic and her productivity (and her friendship).

I have been offered a chance to move from my department to the budget department to help fill her role (as If that’s possible). I am excited for the opportunity because I think it will make me a better employee in the long term. I’m also extremely nervous because it’s a completely new field for me, with completely different policies and procedures, and I just got used to the policies and procedures of my last department! I think it’s a great opportunity for me to grow, though, so I have to take it!

There is a major concern for me, and I’m just being honest. I don’t always handle uncertainty well. I have a tendency to take my own feelings of uncertainty and verbalize them to my coworkers. I’ve been very guilty of that in the past. But, God has done a lot of work in my soul, and I believe He will help me handle this transition the right way if I let Him! I have another opportunity to see how I’ve grown emotionally. My prayer is that I will give myself Grace to make mistakes and learn from them. Please join me in those prayers, and feel free to share scriptures with me that may be helpful!

How do you handle changes in your life?

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